kenji yokoo fine arts ("KYFA")

Welcome to KYFA

With the current worldwide economy crisis, KYFA provides
investment opportunities focusing on art. Art not only helps to
diversify portfolios but can also be enjoyed on a day-to-day basis.
Art Investment (Overview)

From a long-term perspective, the absolute value of a high quality artwork never drops. In addition, from the viewpoint of risk diversification, it is
effective to combine artwork investments with other financial products. KYFA partners with clients to administrate art investment portfolios.
Art Investment Advisory (What We Do)

Based on our clients' interests, KYFA researches artwork to be potentially purchased. While our clients build their own artwork collection, KYFA
monitors and manages the art investment portfolio. With focus on our clients' interests, KYFA researches and prepares sales of the artwork to
maximize investment gains.
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